This is my personal website. It’s really just a place to blog occasionally; to comment on those things that make me laugh, angry or sad. Hopefully, more laughter!

I’m interested in sport, mainly rugby and football, as well as online marketing (broad topic), politics (whatever that means) and comedy (mainly the ‘old’ stuff). I have fond memories of watching England win the Rugby World Cup in 2003 and hope one day to see the football team win the football equivalent. We can but dream…

With my sons at PJRFC Presentation Evening 2014

With my sons at PJRFC Presentation Evening 2014 :-)

I’d love to go on a British and Irish Lions tour one day, hopefully with my sons when they’re old enough to buy a round!

Nick in Arnhem




This site is built on WordPress and I enjoy ‘tinkering’ ‘though certainly no expert when it comes to design and development.

My first experience with the Internet was around 2000 when I was volunteered to create a website for my rugby club. I soon realised my design skills were non-existent but I was intrigued by how sites achieved higher rankings and that got me started in SEO and subsequently Pay per Click (PPC). I first started using Google’s Pay per Click advertising platform, AdWords, in 2002 and now provide services through my company, Bold Internet.

I don’t blog as often as I would like here. Partly through time constraints but also with using the various social media channels, I find these lend themselves to quicker updates and being able to discuss with various connections made along the way. My various social media channels are shown down the right hand side of this site as well as on the contact page.

Thanks for stopping by. :-)